Oral and poster presentation abstracts (maximum 300 words) must be submitted using this online system. Oral presentations must focus on one of the four topics identified as key themes for the 2019 IFT NPD / EFFoST International Nonthermal Processing Workshop. Poster presentations can cover the same topics or any other nonthermal technology topic. Nonthermal technology will be widely interpreted to include the ones specifically mentioned below but also others (ohmic heating, microwave heating, etc.). If not sure, please contact any of the co-chairs. In the case of presenting new findings, your abstract should state the aim of the work, the materials and methods used, and the major results and conclusions. In the case of critically reviewing the leading edge of nonthermal food processing technologies and their applications, state the review goals, specify the nonthermal technology(ies) covered, major conclusions reached, and future research directions/needs identified.

The Abstract Review Committees will accept or change the topic session and presentation style requested and may also invite contributors to provide a 3 min oral presentation followed by a poster session.

Abstract Due Date: No later than October 10, 2019.

NOTE: If receiving an acceptance notification is necessary for your travel planning, we encourage an early submission.

Presentation Type:

  • Oral, 15 min including 2 min for questions and answers. An electronic timer will signal speakers when to “wrap-up” and “finish” their presentations.
  • Poster, maximum size 90 (width) x 120 (height) cm. All poster sessions last 4 hours. Presenters need only to be present during the corresponding 50-min poster view/refreshments break.

Presenter Category:

  • Student, undergraduate and graduate students up to (at least) December 2018.
  • Early career professional (up to 5 years of cumulative work experience)
  • Professional.

Making abstracts available to participants: All invited contributions will be included as pdf files in a USB drive distributed to all meeting attendees. We will not record oral talks, nor the Q&A that follows them.

Journal Publication of your Contributions: Selected authors of oral and poster presentations will be invited to submit an article for publication in a Special Issue of Food Engineering Reviews. Acceptance of your contribution(s) for presentation at this meeting does not guarantee subsequent acceptance for journal publication. The selection of the work to be invited for a full manuscript will begin during the review of abstracts and continue during and after the Workshop.

Session Topics

Focus should be alternatives to first-order kinetics, inclusion of transient processing time, and considerations of the uncertainty associated with model predictions. Other work on microbial and enzyme inactivation by HPP/PEF/UV-C will be also considered for acceptance.

Session Co-Chairs: Viridiana Tejada-Ortigoza & Luis Eduardo Garcia-Amezquita (Tecnologico de Monterrey)

Category: topic

The number of emerging technologies continues to expand and offer opportunities for new commercial applications to explore. While the focus will be the state of the art and the steps needed to reach commercialization, other work will be also considered for acceptance.

Session Co-Chairs: Cristina Chuck-Hernandez & Mariana Morales De la Peña (Tecnologico de Monterrey)

Category: topic

Nonthermal applications developed by food scientists are of biotechnology and biomedical application interest. The reverse is also true. Focus will be common learning opportunities.

Session Co-Chairs: J. Antonio Torres & Reynaldo de la Cruz Quiroz (Tecnologico de Monterrey)

Category: topic

The focus will be the enhancement of the extraction and production of health-promoting compounds, their structural modifications, and the improvement of the final consumer health by these compounds when using nonthermal technologies.

Session Co-Chairs: Tomás García Cayuela & Zamantha Escobedo-Avellaneda (Tecnologico de Monterrey)

Category: topic

We want to encourage the presentation of all nonthermal research. Please feel free to contact the Session Co-Chairs.

Session Co-Chairs: Perla A. Ramos-Parra (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico and
Gonzalo Velázquez (IPN CICATA Queretaro Unit, Mexico)

Category: topic

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Abstract Submission

Please use the Abstract Template to submit your abstract, session topic, presentation format and presenter category. Please also complete the box labeled “Information to be filled by Abstract Submitter” included in the Evaluation Rubric to be used by reviewers of your abstract. You will also note that the reviewers will begin the selection of work suitable for publication in a Special Issue of Food Engineering Reviews. Therefore, it is critically important that your abstract meets the factors included in the rubric.
All students and postdoctoral researchers will participate in a presenter competition for $500 and $200 awards in four categories (Student/Poster; Student/Oral; Early career professional/Poster; Early career professional/Oral).