Thank you for your interest in the Non-Thermal Workshop and Short Courses.

In order to make it easier for you to select the events of your interest, we have grouped them in packages.

Please, check the package to select the one you prefer, and take into consideration that some events are schedule at the same time that others, thus by selecting them you will not be able to attend the others. Check the schedule for more information about this.

Additionally, you can order extra tickets (guest tickets) for the cocktail, closing banquet, and daily lunches if you wish.

Once you have selected your packages(s) or personalized package, click the link at the bottom that will take you to the webpage where you can buy them using a PayPal account.

Package 1

Two-day Workshop (4 oral sessions, 4 poster sessions, 2 roundtables, Industrial Expo, Lunches, Refreshment breaks) + Sunday Welcome Cocktail + Tuesday Closing Banquet

  • Professionals: US$495 (early bird), US$550 (regular)
  • Students: US$90 (early bird), US$120 (regular)

Package 2

Same as Package 1 + Sunday Whole Day Short Course (Status & Applications of Nonthermal Technologies)

  • Professionals: US$550 (early bird, saving $30 USD), US$600 (regular, saving $50 USD)
  • Students: US$120 (early bird, saving $10 USD), US$150 (regular, saving $30 USD)

Package 3

Same as Package 2 + Wednesday Whole Day Short Course 2 (Sensory Evaluation of Nonthermally Processed Products)

  • Professionals: US$600 (early bird, saving $65 USD), US$650 (regular, saving $100 USD)
  • Students: US$140 (early bird, saving $30 USD), US$170 (regular, saving $70 USD)