FREE registration scholarships are available for the graduate and undergraduate students supervised by faculty registered to attend the 2019 IFT NPD / EFFoST International Nonthermal Processing Workshop & Short Courses, provided that the following requirements are met:

  • As co-author, the student faculty advisor must submit the abstract(s) for work to be presented by his/her graduate and undergraduate student(s)
  • The abstract(s) submitted by the faculty advisor must be accepted for presentation in any of the formats possible (oral, poster, or 3‑min oral summary plus poster)
  • The graduate and undergraduate student(s) must have been registered as a student at least until December 2018.

Upon acceptance of the abstract(s) submitted, the student faculty advisor must send an email to the meeting organizers ( requesting the registration scholarship(s) for her/his student(s) indicating the student name(s) and the title and authors of the accepted abstract(s).

We hope that this free registration scholarship will encourage the participation of future professionals with interest in nonthermal food processing technologies. They will also qualify for competition awards now expanded to include a third prize.